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Easy Kid-Friendly Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

By making craftwork, children can get creative and learn simultaneously. During Christmas, several craft options are available for kids to make. Most of these arts can be used to decorate the classrooms and homes. This blog will provide some easy and kid-friendly Christmas craft ideas.

Handmade Christmas Cards

Handmade cards are adorable, and kids will have fun making them. Provide some colored cardstock, white paper, scissors, glue, markers, colored pencils, and ribbons. Guide the kids to cut out a big square or rectangle from the cardstock and ask them to fold it into two equal parts. Make them do the same on white paper and ask them to attach the white paper between the cardstock. 

After, it’s time for them to design. It’s better to allow each child to get creative. Remind them to be thoughtful about the message they want to write on each card and ask them to write it on the white paper. You can show them samples beforehand so they can get some inspiration from them.

Paper Snowflakes

Snowflakes are typical Christmas decorations. They are simple to make and require just white paper and scissors. The easiest way to make them is to fold a square sheet of white paper into a triangle. If you have a rectangular paper instead, you can fold it into a triangle and cut out excesses with scissors. Fold the triangle again into two to make a smaller triangle. After, draw out the desired shape on the paper and cut it out. Unfold the cut-out design to unveil your snowflake.

Paper Reindeer Face

Another Christmas emblem is a reindeer. The kids will have fun creating this design as it requires drawing a reindeer face on paper. Get the kids white drawing paper, HB pencils, and colored pencils. Guide them in drawing the reindeer face with the HB pencil and ask them to paint it with colored pencils. Ask them to cut out the face outline with scissors.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine cone Christmas trees are one of the easiest Christmas crafts kids can make. All you need to make this artwork is some pinecones, beads, green paint, glue, and brushes. Ask the kids to paint the pine cones green. After that, they will have their plain-looking pine cone Christmas trees. Direct them to design their trees by gluing the beads to the pine cones. 

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These simple craftwork ideas are usually fun for kids to make. Most of them only require paper, colored pencils, and scissors to make. Making these crafts with your kids is an excellent way to bond with them and also a way to help them develop their creativity. If you need to make more holiday memories, visit Holiday Road in Los Angeles, CA. We offer many crafts for the whole family. Are you spending your holiday season in the Los Angeles area? Visit Holiday Road for our 2024 Winter season to try our delicious food trucks and holiday bar serving some of the best temperate Christmas food and drinks!


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