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The Best Ways to Store Christmas Lights

One of the most beloved parts of the Christmas season is admiring the Christmas light displays, whether right in your neighborhood or at a professional display like Holiday Road. The joy and brightness that Christmas lights bring inspire millions of homeowners to hang lights of their own each season as well! While beautiful in the moment, as Christmas wraps up and it is time to take down and store the lights again, the headaches can start! Few things are as frustrating as trying to store your lights in a way that doesn’t take up too much space but will make them accessible for next year without tangles. Fortunately, Holiday Road has compiled a list of the best Christmas light storage techniques for homeowners.

1. Save and Re-Use Original Packaging

Simple habits may mean you threw out your lights’ original box when you pulled them out. If not, and you kept the original box, some packing tape and a few minutes can securely store your lights- here’s how:

1. Tape one end of the string of lights to the edge of your box
2. Tightly coil your lights around the longest side of your box
3. Once the entire string is coiled tightly, tape the opposite end to the box.

2. Use Spare Clothes Hangers

Our second method requires two things that practically every home has, spare clothes hangers and a closet to hang them in. Here is how to store your lights using only hangers:

1. Secure one end of the string of lights into the strap holder in the hanger. Make sure it will not slide out
2. Wrap the lights vertically around the hanger
3. Once you reach the end of the string secure the end in the opposite strap holder, ensuring it is secured there as well

3. Purchase a Light Reel

Last, but not least, is our first method which is not DIY- purchasing a light reel. Light reels are perhaps the easiest way to guarantee the safe storage of your lights and are sold at hardware stores, department stores, and online for just a few dollars. Here’s how to properly use a light reel:

1. Lay out your lights on a flat surface in one long, straight line, tangle-free
2. Attach one end of the lights to the reel
3. Use the handle to spin the reel and begin spooling lights, working out any tangles with your free hand as you go

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